Care instructions of Sympatex shoes and boots in leather

Air the shoes/boots as often as you can. Open them up as much as possible and put them in a cool and dry place. It is also possible to take out the inner soles and let air circulate into the shoe.
Do not expose the shoes/boots to heat. The heat will have a negative effect on the leather and sole.
The outer material needs regular care. Clean the shoes carefully by brushing the surface with a soft brush and wipe them of with a damp cloth if necessary. The need to use a water-proofing agent will be more important the more the shoes are worn, as the leather becomes softer and more porous.
The most suitable water-proofing agent is wax which should be applied all over the top of the shoe. The water-proofing agent of the leather will help to look after the shoes, it excludes the shoe from drying out and they will not get heavy and cold. There are several good products.
Regular care of the Sympatex shoes/boots is all that is needed to keep their unique standard and quality.
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